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2018 Upcoming Lacrosse Season Announcement

Avon Youth Lacrosse Association is pleased to announce the following overview of events and dates of interest:

  • Saturday September 30th (Time and Place TBD) Prospective Coaches Meeting. AYLA is run and coached by parents many of which never played the game. Lacrosse can look intimidating at first glance, but from a coaching perspective it involves many of the same offensive and defensive mindsets of basketball, soccer, and hockey. AYLA is need of coaches for the younger programs and this meeting is intended to discuss basic coaching techniques, responsibilities and the support system that will be in place to help those new to the sport. 


  • Sunday October 1st Returning Player Registration (boys and girls) will open. The returning player registration period will run for 3 weeks. 


  • Sunday October 22nd New / Open Player Registration (boys and girls) will open. Be advised, once open registration begins, returning players are not guaranteed a spot. 


  • Beginning Saturday September 10th and each Sunday thereafter (weather permitting) the boys program will hold open play dates / pick up games for 5th through 8th grade players. Be advised that the girls program will announce similar shortly. 


A more detailed email will be sent out shortly providing times and venue locations. Information will also be posted on the Parks and Recreation website as well. Please look for updates. AYLA coaches look forward to getting back to work. 


Go Eagles