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2019 Avon Eagles Youth Lacrosse-Home Page

Thank you for visiting Avon Eagles Youth Lacrosse today!  


Car decals $5 Message us and we will get to you.

GIRLS: 5th thru 8th grade.  Open practices on Wednesdays June 26th-July 31st from 7pm-8pm at Avon High School.  Anyone wanting to try goalie come up on Wednesdays June 26th-July31st from 6pm-7pm at Avon High School. 

 Avon Girls Lacrosse Camp

Join Avon High School Girls Lacrosse coaches and players for "a learn to play and technical skills camp". It's a great way to meet and learn aspects of the game from top High School players. This camp is geared for all levels so that your daughter can learn and develop a love for one of the top growing sports in our country...as well as having lots of fun! The camp will focus on stick skills (throwing and catching), dodging, shooting and small side games. Bring a water bottle, lacrosse stick, goggles and mouthguard. Wear tennis shoes or cleats.

Who: Avon girls entering K-8 (Fall 2019)
When: July 22-25
Gr.K-3: 9am-10am  $50
Gr. 4-6: 10am-11:30am  $55
Gr. 7-8: 11:30am-1pm     $55
Where: Joe Firment Chevrolet Stadium (behind Avon Early Learning Center)
Reg. Deadline: 7/8/19
You can go to the Avon Parks & Recreation Page on the City of Avon site.  Go to  "Register for Activities" Click on "Avon Eagles School Camps/Clinics" and you can choose Avon Girls Lacrosse Camp. 


Lax Shed is installed and painted. Please visit our Facebook page to see it.


Good Afternoon Lax Families:

-Youth lacrosse for 2019 has come to a close.  It was a tough spring weather wise and the teams did the best they could.  It was so awesome seeing these kids out playing though.  We are proud of the fact of how many compliments we get on the nice shape our fields are in compared to so many other fields in other cities.

-We just got every single lacrosse field in the city pinned with markers so it will greatly help with the lining of the fields next Spring.

-We had a Coaches meeting and got a lot of input on what things went well and what needs worked on.  We thank all of the Coaches for their time and efforts in helping our Youth. 

-This year we were able to get a Lacrosse shed installed for the Youth program. It is installed and about half painted. Once completed we will send out a picture of it.  We were able to add 6 brand new goals (and the black nets which look awesome), new uniforms for 5 programs, 3 sets of goalie gear and a number of 1st aid kits. Thank you so much for your support. 

-Registration fees for lacrosse in 2020 will not be raised. They will be what they were this year. 

-We are currently in the process of working on indoor time for next January and finding the best deal.  We did like the timeline this past winter for the indoor time and hope to do something very similar.

-We need MORE involvement by more parents.  We would ideally like to have 3 per each team.  This would account for conflicts and allow practices to still occur should someone not be able to be there.   Registration/# of teams next year will be determined by the number of parents we have volunteering.  The response of “I don’t know anything about Lacrosse” is not an acceptable one. Most everyone involved didn’t. They got involved and quickly learned. It’s so much fun hearing from these parent’s learning the game and what comes with it and how much they love it.

-Lastly these kids need to keep sticks in their hands.  They can’t show up next January and assume they will be better if they don’t work at it.  Camps are happening this summer and fall. We will pass along info. as we get it.  Boys have Club programs through Resolute, Burning River and Excellerate. Girls have Club programs through Burning River, Ohio Premier and MFL. Most of those offer camps/skills in summer and fall as well.   Force sports offers camps/skills sessions as well. 

- We had to remove all goals from Vets due to the upcoming Duct Tape Festival. Afterwards a few goals will be put back at Vets 1 as well as the current goal at Avon HS.  Take your kids up and have some fun.  Help them get better.  

Thank you for your continued support this season and feel free to reach out to us with any questions. 


Chris Crumbacher-Girls Program: Crum@avonlacrosse.org

Chris Barton-Boys Program: Chrisb@avonlacrosse.org

New Girls Youth Jerseys are in. Pics are on our Facebook and Twitter pages below.

All the new goals have now been strung and are being used.  



Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/AvonYouthLacrosse/ 

     Twitter: http://twitter.com/Avonlacrosse 


Brand New Youth Girls and Bantam Boys Jerseys have been ordered in thanks to the Lax Madness Parent's night out.  



Your child's Coaches will reach out to you in regards to practices which will now be outdoors at Vets Park. 





GIRLS:  Please go to 440sportsapparel.com to view/order your Skorts




Avon Youth Lacrosse was founded to teach youth in grades 3 through 8 the fundamental skills of lacrosse, provide a rewarding team experience, and support and become a feeder program for the Avon High School team. Your support will help us to pay for much needed equipment and help offset some of the costs of tournament play, uniforms and practice facilities .

Last year was a huge success with over $6000 raised! However, the annual costs that registration doesn't cover (the hardware) to keep costs lower for families or to pay winter indoor training that was very expensive this year with a move we had to make and ate most of those funds up.

Awesome Silent Auction Prizes to be had again this year and some tip bosards, etc., fun stuff and fun times!


Date And Time:




Mulligan's Pub & Grille

38244 Colorado Avenue

Avon, OH 44011

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Cost:  $25/adult (19+) + $3 processing fee


Click this link to Register:




***Check out the cool SPIRT WEAR at the link below! 







**BOYS YOUTH** Currently capped out at 30 kids. Sign ups accepted but put on a waiting list should a boy decide to not play.

**MIDDLE SCHOOL GIRLS** The registration for MS Girls will be capped at 26. We have 3 spots remaining. Sign up now to resolve your spot!!



Thanks very much and Go Eagles!! 


Looking forward to a great year! 


Chris Barton-Boys Program Director: 

Chris Crumbacher-Girls Program Director:









Burning River



Other opportunities will be posted when made available. 


***EQUIPMENT PACKAGES-Below is a link to a website for beginner equipment packages for both boys and girls.  Use the link, go to either Men's Lacrosse or Women's Lacrosse- Protective Gear-Starter Kits. 












For those of you new and old to Avon Eagles Youth Lacrosse, here is a brief heads up on what to expect in the coming weeks months ahead:


  • Winter Practices: We begin indoor training at a local facility which runs from approximately mid-January through March.
  • Our season usually commences in Early April and runs through about Memorial Day and consists of weekly practices, games and tournaments.


  • For those new to the sports, we suggest asking friends and neighbors who may have an older player that may have outgrown their gear and are delighted to get it out of their garage/basement.
  • For those needing new equipment we have a couple of online resources that many have enjoyed using in the past, we will share when registration opens soon.


We are always in need of Coaches and Assistants , High School players needing to fulfill service hours "teach another kid to play" and various Volunteer roles, Dads and and Moms are the lifeforce that makes the program operate!  Only a small few of our current coaches have ever played Lacrosse before! Most of us have never picked up a lacrosse stick before in our lives until our sons or daughters showed an interest in playing.  But technology saves the day again with plenty of great instructional videos on YouTube by college or professional players and certainly US Lacrosse (which membership is required for a small fee), that provides great how to videos and offers coaching classes. Personally my last fours years have been so rewarding working with the players and their familes, learning and growing with them!   We are not asking anyone to step into a head coaching position, we have enough of those for now. Just a few parents to be their Assistants or Team Parents to coordinate communication or to manage snacks or tournament refreshments. If you have ever coached or played any sport, you already know what to do and that is to teach and be supportive of the players and that is the reward!  It is why I sit and write you this today, for the love of the sport and most importantly, to teach kids to have fun and learn the discipline to excel in team sports and life…...

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